How to easily brighten the eyes in Photoshop

Make eyes beautiful

Recently I create a small video to explain step by step how to make the eyes of your photography stand out easily.

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5 Reasons to build your own photography website and how to do it


Hey Folks,

I’m excited to share with you all these information. In this guide, I will explain why you should create your photography website.

Then I will explain step by step how to build a photography website that you will love!

Yes. I did some research for you, and this is the best combination of product and quality, and most important thing: It’s damn EASY and CHEAP!

Here you’re the recipe:

  • 50 Gb of web space 
  • One .com free domain  
  • some clicks in WordPress
  • share it with your friends on facebook for a couple of hours
  • et voilà le Jeux sont fait

Let's start then. Here you are the 5 Reason to build your photography website...

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Fabio Calvelli
Thank you Elena, very pleased to do that!
Friday, 11 August 2017 20:28

Photography basic concept


In this article, you will discover some basic concepts of photography. We will keep it simple evaluate just the most essential elements for controlling the camera foreseeing an expected result. In fact, following these instructions, you will see great improvements immediately, and you will understand more how to take pictures in a right way.  At the end of the article, you will be more aware of the camera usage and able to improve your style and your portfolio.

Enjoy the lecture and let's get started!

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