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10 tips to improve your photography skills


Hello Folks! In this post, I'm going to tell what is the first ingredients to enjoy photography as your new passion or hobby. Remember that the most important thing is you and not your camera, so take out your smartphone or your camera and let's get started.

1- Visit your neighborhood


You don't have to travel a thousand miles to make beautiful shots. What you've to do is just going few step away from your home.

It doesn't  matter if you're living in a city, town or village. All those places give you great space for creativity.

For example, if you live in a city, you may enjoy street photography, walking through people, taking pictures at different angles, or you may want to explore what there is around, a small green park, an abandoned train station, walls with graffiti, a small forest. The shapes of nature will give you infinite possibilities.

2- Take your camera always with you

Yes, take it everywhere. If you should go to work with the car or with the train, wake up early and explore your itinerary, stop in some beautiful places. The most beautiful shots are unpredictable. You can find anything in your way, and you will grateful to have your gear with you.

3- Look at the best example


Not everyone is the same; we are attracted by beauty in different ways. Each of us has his concept of it. Find out there someone that through his pictures gives you emotion. On the Internet you will find talented photographers, just find yours and try to imitate, to get in contact, to read about him, about his history. You will develop your styles, and you will be amazed by your progress. For instance, my favorites are Dani Diamond and Sean Archer. Check out their works in 500px. If you like portrait/fashion photography as I do, you'll be amazed.

4- Be always curious


GoGo behind the information you will acquire, try to figure out what's the best for your style. Customize all your discoveries, try to answer all your questions, be interested in improving your creative talent. There is infinite knowledge out there you can use to improve your technique. Don't be too perfectionist or you'll never start. Grab your creativity and make yourself an artist, discover your inner soul. You will find power and ideas you were never aware of.

5- Use the rules, break the rules


OK, I know the most important things in photography are rules. But forget them for a while and use your eyes. Also, your eyes are extraordinary. Through them you enjoy life, seeing art and with them, you explore this beautiful World. 

Start from the rules, get your idea and be revolutionary. You can build your network, your brand. Your style.

In another article, this blog is going to show about those rules in detail, but please after have your idea, try to find your time to relax and enjoy the beautiful experience to create an artwork.

6- Socialize


Yes, you should think about socializing, get feedback from the crowd. Meet people. There are hundreds of folks out there that have something in common with you: the passion for photography, and they want to improve themselves in it like you also want. So, the question is, how to find those people and meet? Well, there are groups in any city using a social platform like meetup.com or internations.org. Just google it, and you'll see. You can even create your group and became an ambassador, make your events and start to meet new friends that will share ideas and experience.

7- Be Creative


I always have in my mind a Turkish character called Cevat Kelle, a cameraman with his thousand stuff with him. In our mind, we always prefer the concept "the more, the merrier",  carrying with us six lenses, a big tripod, strobes, and reflectors. But I would say.. this is the best way to give up soon!. You will be very tired carrying lots of kilos around, and you will forget about the real reason you got a camera, you will forget about your passion because it will become too complicated and exhausting. Then, just start easy!!  "Less is better", take the necessary gear and go out in action. For instance, a wonderful 50mm with a basic reflex will do a great job. Even with a good smartphone, you can survive. OK don't kill me for this last comment, I will demonstrate you I'm right, but if you don't believe me stop to think you should have the greatest and most expensive gears with you to make the most beautiful pictures. This is false. You're the photographer, and you have already the most advanced tool for a great result. Your imagination and your eyes! Here you will find thousands of examples of beautiful pictures taken using a phone. Use your creativity always. If you need a tripod, use a natural one, a bench, rock, whatever can be useful, if you need light, try to use the natural one. There is no better flash than the sun and combined with your eyes, the most advanced technology you've always with you, the result is granted.

8- Think out of the box


That's all about your creativity. Go out and experiment different things, try unusual angles, explore different shapes. Be aware, outside there is the world to discover. Be inspired by others, but always think on your own. The best exercise for this is only one that makes all photographer better photographer. Listen to your favorite music. Music is inspiring and giving you ideas that you cannot even imagine. It can be a bit peculiar find this as advice in a photography blog, but you will notice the difference when you will start using music, while you're making landscape photography or you're editing a portrait.

9- Find your best passion and go for it


Try to figure out, what will be your best shots. What you would love to make immortal. There are different fields, and each of them requires different skills and learning path. For instance, if you love fashion photography or portraiture you will need to understand how to use the light, edit a picture and which kind of gear combination gives you the best results. Instead, if your interest is landscape photography, you must also have a look which filters to use, how to build a great composition, study the environment and catch the best moment for the shooting. All those things are requiring passion and research. You've to prepare your journey and set your goals. More deep you will go, more you'll understand what's your best passion.

10- Share your artwork, ask for opinion


You have a great advantage in this millennium that nobody had before our generation. Social networks... and the best exercise to increase your self-awareness in this field is asking for feedbacks. All you need it's already available, and it's online, it is just few clicks away from you now. Share your works and your ideas, ask for opinions, building your network. You can get instant feedback. The world is at your disposal now. Use it! You will fine tune your abilities, and you'll be, 100% guarantee, a better photographer than ever. There are many social networks you can start with. Start from Flickr for example. Here you can upload your images in a virtual gallery, and there you can share your pictures in various groups and get feedbacks. You can also use Instagram and Facebook and share your art works with friend and family. The greatest challenge here is to be open to critics and learning from your errors. With passion and energy, you will for sure overcome your limits and day by day you'll be surprised of yourself.



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Friday, 20 July 2018

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