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My Story, Why I'm here

Hello and welcome to my Blog!  My name is Fabio and I'm the founder of "Stand by Pics". A project with the aim to create contents on photography available here for you. I would love to share what really pushed me to start this experience and what all this is about.
I'm in love with photography since childhood, and since we all have dreams, my dream back then was to became a famous photographer. Life brought me somewhere else, but still, I have this dream. That's why I create this website, for renovating this fantastic passion improving my knowledge and sharing ideas with other.

Here we'll be able to share our common passion for photography. This will be in fact a space for you, for improving your skills on photography, for making your dreams come true. 

How this will actually work?

This space will mainly focus on a Blog and a Vlog. You will find here contents for everyone. I will try to explain photography in an easy way sharing all the tricks I have learned in these years. This will be great not only for beginners but also for advanced and pro that want to improve their skills. I will try to publish regularly, videos and articles with interesting and useful contents. I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me!

What you will find here?

A lot of great stuff! I will share within my portfolio, all the tricks I'm doing to make my images popping up. I will suggest you the best way to do photos, also using your smartphone. This will be suitable for any budget. After all, photography is a way to express yourself and it should be done in the most enjoyable way, and you don't have to spend a fortune. I will suggest you the best app or software to use, combined with the best and affordable gears. There are many topics to face... so we shouldn't waste time...

Let's get started!
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Fabio Calvelli is the founder of "Standbypics Project". Moved on his passion for photography he started a website and a YouTube channel to better learn and understand about new photography techniques, build a network of passionate people and share the best tricks about editing and composition rules.

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